As a young child, people noticed Rachel had the ability to see or feel what the animals were saying and relate this information to the owners. This resulted in her being called Mrs. Dr. Dolittle. People came from all over to understand what and why their pets were acting in unusual ways. The people wanted to communicate with their 4 legged family members This ability to see, hear or feel the animals' thoughts, communicate the issues to the owners, helped everyone gain more peace, joy and less stress.

This skill is evident throughout Rachel’s family:

Dr. Irving J. Selikoff, uncle - co-developed the cure for tuberculosis (TB) and stopped the country from using asbestos as an insulator.

Dr. Joseph Lobell, uncle - developed the compound known today as Excedrin.

Dr. Bernard E. Friedman, uncle - started the Nursing Home concept in America and established the first three nursing homes in Connecticut.

Mrs. Shirley K. Selikoff, mother - the First Registered Nurse to be Head of Pediatrics at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Connecticut.

Ms. Katherine Freed, aunt - Head of the Emergency Ward at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Connecticut.


25 years - collaboration with Medical Professionals and Veterinarians.
7 years - 1 x week via telephone conference call - confirming ability to help a multitude of concerns
East Coast Medical School Program focusing on Anatomy and Physiology/MIS
Jackson Hole, WY, Canine Carnival Communicator
National adoptions, pet stores and rescue groups
Chendu, China, The Panda Sanctuary.
Brookline Adult Education-Animal Communication
Ireland - Communication with major Ireland Horse Breeder
Scotland - Communication with Scotland Police Force

BS - Boston University - 2 majors (English/History) and 2 minors (Communication/Education)
University of London, London, England
MBA - Boston College - Marketing/MIS
+30 Credits - Animal Behavior, Study of Psychology and Behavior of Captive Animals, Zoology, Communication, Migration Patterns, etc.

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