Patient and Insightful

Rachel brought our pet back to the Land of the Living. Jeanie (our cat) was hiding under the bed, not coming out for meals, not going to the bathroom, etc. Through her patient and insightful communicating with Jeanie, as well as her Medical Intuitive skills, Rachel could bring Jeanie out from under the bed, eat a little bit and use the litter box. Rachel was also great in helping us realize that Jeanie’s time was quite near and after a few sessions, would only help in supporting all of us (Jeanie included) to pass onto another realm. Rachel was a God-send: adding more life and time with our cat. This provided closure for all concerned.

Marybeth - Detroit, MI

Spoke to Our Horse

We wanted to put the stallion down. As great and beautiful this horse was for all to see – he was becoming problematic and unsafe. We did not want to do this – but safety was a serious issue. Rachel, through email pictures only, was able to speak to the horse. He told her that he was allergic to the food we were giving him and that is why he was kicking the stall and bearing his teeth so often. No one could come near him. Together, all three of us, Rachel, the horse and myself, worked through what foods were creating an allergic reaction and chose (with the horse speaking through Rachel) what foods were safe and what foods were neutral. Finally, the horse calmed down and we could sell him safely – versus having to destroy him. We DID NOT WANT TO DESTROY HIM – but without Rachel – that would have been our only option.

George - Kethum, ID

Conversations with Rufus

Our dog was always, always barking and barking at the UPS/FedEx trucks and any other large vans that came to our place of business. We were always getting deliveries and did not know what was wrong with our lovely rescue dog. We showed him, on a leash that the vans were not lethal…We took him through a FedEx truck – but there was no stopping his reaction. Finally, at much coaxing, we hired Rachel. During a conversation she had with Rufus, we found out that as a puppy, he had been locked in a large van and left there all day without enough food or water. When we adopted him, the previous owners never shared any of this information. After she said to Rufus, that he would never ever be left in such a vehicle or place again and would always have enough food and water – he calmed down and all was OKAY. He never liked these vehicles, but stopped going through the screen door to “attack them.”

Allison - Boston, MA

Our Dog is Bilingual

My husband had always had golden retrievers. When we got married – we went to the pound to get a new dog. I was very scared of the golden-mix we adopted and I never bonded with her. Nonetheless, I tried to train her to sit, come, heel, etc. Nothing ever worked. After three weeks, our new marriage was not getting to a “happy place.” We called Rachel, and within a very short time, she realized that the dog only understood Spanish! When my mother-in-law said, “Siento” the dog sat down! Needless to say, our dog is now bilingual.

Maria - Las Vegas, NV