As an Animal Communicator, Rachel is often told by the animals that she speaks good “horse/dog/cat/pig/cow/iguana.” The exchanges that occur when both parties are on the same page creates stronger friendships.

Some examples of conversations are:

Human: Do you remember me?
Cat: Not really …but do remember your kisses – as all people kiss differently.

And when you think about this – it is true – all people do kiss differently.

Horse: Why did those people chase me with an ATV?
Rachel: Sometimes people do cruel things. I am sorry you had this experience. I am sure it was very scary.
Horse: It was and thank you for understanding and the explanation.

Human: Why is my horse acting so out of control? I want to put him down.
Horse (to Rachel): Am allergic to the food they are giving me. If I do not eat it I will die; and if I do eat it, it is making me sick.
Together (Horse/Person/Rachel): Rachel listed / stated the food groups. Through Rachel, the horse shared what were the food allergies. The Owner replaced the allergenic food with safe food. Horse was sold, but not destroyed.

Rachel’s skill as an Animal Communicator has been validated by time spent with Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer in Jackson Hole, WY and working with Stan Adission, Arapaho Nation Horse Whisperer and Medicine Man. Also, there were conversations with Ram Daas, Marianne Williamson (worked as a Reader), Carolyn Myss (interviewed) and Julia Cameron confirming her skills. Finally, her training in Mass Media via Independent Study and teaching at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA – papers published by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Liaison Group, Cambridge, MA added to her expertise in communication and collaboration. Rachel provides concrete feedback.

With Cesar and Stan, Rachel was able to share the content of the animals’ conversations. All of our animals had similar dialogues. Cesar and Stan were able to understand the range of conversations and believed in her work. Rachel works with the animals’ fears, concerns, and confusions.

While working with Stan on his ranch in Arapaho, WY, they shared what the animals had said. He always concurred that this communication is was what the animals had said to him, too.

“There are specific reactions that we will see/feel/hear to confirm communication and healing has transpired.
We will learn specific words and actions that result in better health and understanding.”