Animal Communication

Animals speak to me in English. I relay what they are saying. Any questions that humans ask me are then translated to the animal, and their response is understood in English. This information is then shared with the owner. This is similar to being Mrs. Dr. Doolittle.

The animals often tell me, “Rachel, you speak good horse,” while, I am always speaking English – I hear them in English vs. their native form of communication.

Their conversation may be their desires, needs, concerns, choices or requests. They only want to keep their environment and people safe and happy.

Animal communication is just like having a conversation with a person. In my experience, animals care about their environment, immediate humans and animal families. They are not going to talk about compound/complex ideas. They talk about what has happened to them — what is happening to them — and about their fears, doubts and concerns.

Animals learn based on their experience. They can not read or understand what is on TV (unless it is an animal show) or the radio. They do not do algebra, read Don Quixote, or understand cellular enhancement.

They only want to understand their environment, keep it clean and safe and protect “their people”.
“Humans and Animals have intelligent systems. That is why they use intelligent systems for communications.”

Why use an Animal Communicator?

Animals can read their “people”. They can see, feel and hear us. Often, they know the human being’s true intentions.

Why work with Rachel an Animal Communicator?

Rachel is known to help animals and their owners deal with the following issues:

Behavioral Issues
Boarding Concerns
Animals that have passed on

Dietary Needs
Food Aggression

Bonding/Separation Anxiety
Escape Artist/Adventurers
Pet Introductions
Adoption Concerns

Do communicators need to come to the house/kennel/shelter or barn?

It is not necessary for me to be in physical contact with the animal, but it is a good idea. If that option is not possible, a picture via the internet is very helpful. What is necessary is the name, age, sex and breed of the animal.