Session & Pricing

Every healer and communicator has their strengths in different areas. Rachel’s area of expertise is having insight into the physical and emotional body – also known as medical intuition.

The hour is divided into 3 sections: (alternative session format is $2 per minute – subject to your animal’s personality)

20 minutes: What your animal wants to tell you
20 minutes: The information Rachel gets regarding what the animal wants to say.
20 minutes: All the questions you wanted to ask, but until you realize/feel how accurate this information is, you were hesitant to say and/or ask.


$45.00 for 30 minutes
$90.00 for one hour
(Both include follow-up)

*90% of the work is done by phone. 10% of the work is completed through personal visits.
**The recipient does not need to hold any type of belief for the communication to work.