Background & Experience


Often, Rachel was called Mrs. Dr. Doolittle in regard to understanding all the animals in her neighborhood. As a young child, she had the ability to see or feel what was the next right step. Her mother was always telling Rachel that, “everything she did came out smelling like a rose.” Thus, her family would wait until a solution could be formulated – a budding problem solver.

This skill is evident throughout Rachel’s family:

  • Dr. Irving J. Selikoff, uncle – co-developed the cure for tuberculosis (TB) and stopped the country from using asbestos as an insulator.
  • Dr. Joseph Lobell, uncle – developed the compound known today as Excedrin.
  • Dr. Bernard E. Friedman, uncle – started the Nursing Home concept in America and established the first three nursing homes in Connecticut.
  • Mrs. Shirley K. Selikoff, mother – the First Registered Nurse to be Head of Pediatrics at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Ms. Katherine Freed, aunt – Head of the Emergency Ward at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Connecticut.


  • 30 years – collaboration with Medical Professionals and Veterinarians.
  • 7 years – 1 x week via telephone conference call – confirming ability to help a multitude of concerns
  • Wild Animal Consultant – Jackson Hole, WY
  • Aid Animal Control Dept – Jackson Hole Police Dept – including the Pet Finder Program
  • Jackson Hole, WY, Canine Carnival Communicator
  • East Coast Medical School Program focusing on Anatomy and Physiology/MIS
  • National adoptions, pet stores and rescue groups
  • Behavioral Consultant to Panda Sanctuary, Chendu, China
  • Created Animal Communication Columnist – Pet Gazette
  • TV Host – NEWTV – Animal Communication TV Show
  • BS – Boston University – 2 majors (English/History) and 2 minors (Communication/Education)
  • University of London, London, England
  • MBA – Boston College – Marketing/MIS
  • +45 Credits – Animal Behavior, Study of Psychology and Behavior of Captive Animals, Zoology, Communication, Migration Patterns, etc.

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