Shelter to Adoption – How to Handle Life When Your Cat is Meowing for Undisclosed Reasons

Duke was a large cat who was rescued from a garbage dumpster by a wonderful “cat catcher.” These are people that willingly go out and rescue roaming cats through a very humane trap. These cats are then brought to the closest shelter, medically evaluated and then placed for adoption. Duke was adopted by an older woman, who loved his affectionate nature. Regretfully, he started meowing quite often during the day. Each time he meowed – she gave him a treat. Duke blew up to weigh nearly 20lbs. One day, he took a leak on her granddaughter’s clothes and that was it for this owner. He was sent back to the shelter. A few months later a new person came in. She wanted a black cat and had looked on Pet Finder for 5-7 yr old male cat, good w/ dogs, affectionate and litter box trained.

There were only 3 black cats available –one was sick, one was adopted by a vet tech and this guy. The new owner went to look at him and he was great.

She paid for the adoption and took him home. Sure as shooting, he started his meowing. The new owner asked him what did he want? She called Rachel and Rachel listened to this new cat and he was saying, “I want a job….not food…a job!”

After the new owner and Rachel talked – thinking about what kind of job could a cat do… they decided to ask him if he could be a Good Boy?

The cat said yes, and that became his name, Good Boy.